The moving industry in the State of Nebraska is regulated and governed by the Nebraska Public Service Commission (NPSC). Firefighters on the Move and other local and national companies are required by law to obtain a Certificate of Authority to operate in the State of Nebraska. Our operating authority number is M-14191.

The NPSC governing body requires all certified household moving companies to charge an hourly rate. These hourly rates apply to each individual mover and for each moving truck. The current hourly rate for Firefighters on the Move is $52/hr for each individual mover and $52/hr for each straight truck.

Hourly Rate Examples:

2 Men @ $52/HR +
1 Truck @ $52/HR =

$156 /HR

Combined Hourly Rate

3 Men @ $52/HR +
1 Truck @ $52/HR =

$208 /HR

Combined Hourly Rate

4 Men @ $52/HR +
1 Truck @ $52/HR =

$260 /HR

Combined Hourly Rate

5 Men @ $52/HR +
1 Truck @ $52/HR =

$312 /HR

Combined Hourly Rate

(Larger homes may require additional manpower and more than one truck)

How many Men and How many Trucks:

The number of movers and trucks we bring to a move depends on the size of your home and the quantity of your contents. Your hourly time begins upon our arrival at your existing residence and ends when all furniture and contents have been unloaded and placed in your new residence.

Pre and Post Move Travel Time:

We are obligated to charge the same hourly rate for our drive time before and after the move.

Fuel Surcharge:

The State of Nebraska requires a fuel surcharge. Currently, this fuel surcharge for local moves is approximately $20.00 for each truck we use. This is not a per mile charge. For move outside of the Metropolitan area we do charge a fuel surcharge per mile.


We do charge for materials used such as plastic stretch wrap, boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper.